Customized Paper boxes to create your own brand

- Feb 10, 2019-

Due to the wide variety of products available today, consumers will choose brands they know when they choose products, or products with higher visibility. Therefore, many companies now invest a lot of money in product advertising. Some companies with strengths will play in TV commercials, but some have little effect. On the contrary, some companies have achieved unexpected gains without making much investment. Customized carton is one of them. Why is this so?

Mainly due to the raw paper of the carton used in the packaging, the surface is relatively smooth, the strength is good, and it has the functions of non-diffusion and impermeability, and can be painted on the surface with strong fluidity. Therefore, the merchant uses the main product carton printed on the company to package the product and sell it to the consumer. Moreover, the raw materials of the paper used for carton packaging are basically filled with recycled paper, and the recycled paper comes from waste paper, and can be reused after being treated by sterilization, pulping, and the like. It also played a role in environmental publicity, which not only sold the products, but also promoted the brand. Can be described as a double-edged sculpture, why not?