Design features of portable paper bags

- Apr 20, 2019-

The portable paper bag is something we are familiar with and commonly used. Then there is a small series to introduce the design features of the portable paper bag so that everyone can better understand and use it.

Ordinary commercial paper bags, mainly using a rotary printing paper bag machine to complete the production operations. The production method of the portable paper bag is high in production efficiency, but an exquisite shopping bag, which uses a single sheet of paper, then performs color printing, and then passes through PP polishing or bronzing. Finally, the paper bag factory carries out manual or semi-automatic machine production, usually by artificially stringing, knotting as a handle, and then completing the production of the paper bag. The advantage of this shopping bag is that any shape of paper can be made into a carry-on paper bag. However, this production method has high production efficiency.

This type of paper bag is mostly used for some ordinary goods packaging, as a gift bag, or as an advertising bag in some commercial activities. Of course, the exquisite and beautiful hand-made paper bag has become a convenient shopping bag for ladies to go shopping. Handbags are the first choice for today's shopping bags, and are an extension of corporate image and merchandise advertising. In the production of shopping bags, in addition to paying attention to the structure is tight, not off the bottom, but also the pursuit of environmentally friendly, exquisite and durable.