Gift paper bag design specification

- Apr 30, 2019-

The design of the gift paper bag is based on the principle of manufacturing. The top edge of the paper bag is folded 60mm to strengthen the handle. The width of the bottom edge of the paper bag is 15mm to strengthen the load-bearing force of the bottom of the bag (the side width is reduced by 15mm).

The paper bag is always 30mm and must be on the right side to automatically paste the bag.

The finished paper bag should be marked with 2 sides of the paste, 6 on the top side, 6 on the bottom side, etc., so that the paper bag can be correctly formed. The size of the gift paper bag should be in line with the number of papers to facilitate economic benefits. The paper is oriented parallel to the "high" of the paper bag to facilitate the folding of the paper.


Bag size paper bag length / 180 ~ 350mm.

Paper bag width / 60 ~ 160mm.

Paper bag height / 270 ~ 450mm.

Paper thickness / about 100 to 150 pounds.

Pick up the choice / paper rope or cotton rope.