The Value of Laminated Foiled Bags

- Oct 15, 2020-

Luxury Bags with Matte Laminated Printed Paper Bags are hand-finished in a variety of high-quality colors. With a growing emphasis on environmental awareness and sustainability, more companies are turning toward environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives. These eco friendly bags offer superior quality, durability, and style. Many companies offer a wide variety of matte laminated printing on the bags such as gloss, matte, or gloss matte foil stamping paper bag.

Matte laminated or gloss laminated printed paper bag is made using 195 gsm gloss art board and a reinforced internal core and bottom for added strength. It has an open-cell system that allows for easy removal of the print without pulling the fabric. This allows for a seamless transition into a new design without a noticeable rip or ripping. This bag also has a laminate backing to prevent fading and discoloration from UV exposure and light. The bag can be machine washed and dry cleaned and comes with a one year limited warranty.

Matte or Gloss Laminate Foil Stamping Paper Bag features a special laminate backing and a unique patented design that make it ideal for both interior and exterior use. The bag has a smooth interior surface and a textured exterior surface that make the bag easy to carry and to clean. Each bag is constructed with two strong zippers for easy opening and closing. Each bag features a large pocket for placing a laptop inside while being able to easily access the exterior pockets for items such as pens, folders, receipts, and other small accessories. These bags feature an interior pocket that is larger than the exterior pockets allowing for maximum usage. The bag also features a pocket for storing keys and an outside pocket that allow you to easily access your items from the outside.

The matte-laminated foil-stamped paper bag features a polypropylene exterior that is both durable and resists mildew and is fade resistant. The bag features a pocket for each side for easy access to items. The interior pocket is larger than the exterior pocket and features three outside pockets, including an outer pocket, an inside zippered pocket, and an inner pocket. These bags also have an adjustable shoulder strap and two inside zippered pockets for organization.

Matte laminate or gloss laminated foil stamped paper bags come with two top snaps and a snap fastener. Which allows for a tight seal. On all sides. They are available in a wide variety of colors including clear, gray, blue, pink, and black.

Matte Laminated Foiled Bags provide great value to those looking to protect their items and to increase their storage space while not losing the visual appeal that many other bags offer. With a superior quality product, you will be assured that you will be getting the very best in materials, durability, and value. The matte laminate bag allows you to make a positive impact on the environment while protecting your valuable items. The bag offers high value and protection, giving you plenty of options when selecting a bag. With matte laminated foiled bags, the bags will remain fresh and bright for many years.