What are the characteristics of carton packaging?

- Mar 15, 2019-

Carton packaging refers to the packaging of products in the process of product circulation, in order to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales. Carton packaging is one of the most widely used packaging methods. Different from wooden box packaging, woven bag packaging, cloth bag packaging, plastic box packaging, carton packaging has the characteristics of easy material selection, light weight, easy printing, easy design and low cost, and is widely used in the sales packaging and transportation packaging of goods.

Triangular cylindrical carton features

The triangular column corrugated box is formed by one-piece box and corner lining, and the four corners of the corrugated box form a triangular column or a right-angle column structure, thereby increasing the compressive strength by 20%-50%.

The triangular column carton is available in both tray and sealed versions and is available in a variety of box types. Compared with the general corrugated box, the triangular column corrugated box can increase the compressive strength by 20%-30% under standard conditions and 40%-60% under high humidity condition; the box does not have a convex drum phenomenon, and it is in a wet state. The structure is particularly obvious; from the structural point of view, the corners are relatively strong, so the damage rate of the contents is extremely low when the impact and vibration are dropped; when the load is applied, the deformation of the carton is stable, and it is not easy to cause the pile to collapse; the sales of the tray type triangular column corrugated boxes Good display.