Can Plastic Bags Be Replaced?

- Feb 15, 2019-

Plastic bags are closely related to the lives of our people. Whether it is buying in supermarkets or buying food in the market, plastic bags are inseparable. However, because of the molecular characteristics of plastic bags, they are not easily decomposed and cause pollution to our living environment.

Everyone in the market is striving to develop a product that can replace plastic bags, so that our living environment can be improved, such as paper bags, but the paper bags themselves are not waterproof and easy to break. The most important thing is that the cost is high, so it is not accepted by the market. It is only used in the market. The high-end clothing and gift packaging, followed by the birth of non-woven fabrics, in the environmental protection, most of the raw materials used in the current non-woven fabrics are polypropylene, plastic bags are polyethylene, the two are compared with polypropylene than polyethylene decomposition The speed is fast, it can be decomposed in the indoor environment for 8 years, relatively environmentally friendly, but both are plastic, the decomposition time in the underground is unknown, and because it can not be very thin, the price comparison The high characteristics are not accepted by the mass market. A non-woven fabric of the same specification is priced at around 0.8 yuan and a plastic bag is priced at about 0.1 yuan.

We are now going back to the starting point in the plastic bag province, the degradable plastic bag is used, and the masterbatch that changes the molecular structure of polyethylene is added to the plastic bag production process to catalyze the degradation rate. The cost is only tiny. Increase, the people can also receive, this degradable plastic bag country should give strong support and promotion, and gradually prohibit the sale of non-degradable plastic bags, which will greatly improve our soil and water quality environment.