Kraft Paper Bag To Buy Common Sense

- May 10, 2019-

There are two kinds of kraft paper in kraft paper bags. The first kind of domestic kraft paper (non-whole wood kraft paper) is mixed with a certain amount of waste paper pulp when making paper. This kraft paper has relatively poor texture and relatively poor weight, so when making paper bags, The thicker paper that is generally used generally uses 200-250 grams of original paper, so the thicker kraft paper bag is basically a paper bag made of domestic kraft paper.

There is also a kraft paper with full wood pulp, 100% whole wood pulp, and no waste when it is used in papermaking. The characteristics of this paper are better than that of long paper. The price of this paper is better than that of non-whole wood. The kraft paper of the pulp is about twice as expensive. Although the paper is not thick but the load is very good, it is very good to use 100-120 g of base paper when making paper bags. This is generally based on imported kraft paper.


White kraft paper - whether it is made in China or imported, it is 100% whole wood pulp kraft paper. If you add waste, you can't make white. At present, the price of white kraft paper is 10,500 (10,500 round) one ton, so white Kraft paper bags are relatively expensive paper bags in kraft paper bags.