Paper Bags Instead Of Plastic Bags Are The Trend

- Mar 20, 2019-

Since then, our early shopping bags have not been free; from what time, various plastic bags have been replaced by kraft paper bags. In fact, this is because of the global "anti-plastic" results. Why "reverse"? Plastic bags can not be degraded, will not rot in a hundred years; buried in the soil, destroying the quality of the soil; throwing in the sea will affect the survival of the fish. It affects the development of agriculture and poses a threat to the survival of animals. It takes a lot of land to recover with landfills. As a result, everyone began to realize the danger of plastic bags, and began to use kraft paper bags. As we all know, paper is a resource that can be recycled and reused. The raw material of papermaking is mainly plant fiber or tree. It is also a renewable resource. The paper shopping bag itself has the characteristics of being degradable and recyclable, and it is non-toxic and tasteless. No pollution, it is the first choice for a well-deserved shopping bag.

As people's awareness of green environmental protection has gradually increased, people began to stay away from plastic bags. It is the importance of starting to pay attention to paper shopping bags. It is the general trend that plastic shopping bags are replaced by kraft paper bags. The paper bag is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also more hygienic than the plastic bag. The food paper bag that is oil-proof in the snack is also popular among consumers. In addition, the paper bags do not want to be changed like plastic bags. The goods are neatly packed when they are put in. They are all messed up when they return home. Even the items are squeezed and deformed. The paper shopping bags are angular and very neat, easy for consumers. Organizing items also effectively protects the item. If you want to take a break on the road, the plastic bag placed on the ground may be smashed, and the kraft paper bag can stand safely at any time.

Paper shopping bags have many advantages. In order to make ourselves more convenient, our living environment is not polluted. We firmly resist plastic bags and promote the use of paper shopping bags to shop.