Paper Boxes Design

- Apr 30, 2019-

The carton is a three-dimensional shape, and its blooming process is a process of moving, stacking, folding, and enclosing a multi-faceted body composed of several faces. The surface in the three-dimensional structure functions as a dividing space in the space, and the surface of the different parts is cut, rotated, and folded, and the obtained surface has different emotional expressions. The plane has a flat, smooth and simple feel.

The surface is soft, gentle and elastic. The surface is soft, round, simple, full, square and solemn... and these are exactly what we must consider when studying the shape of the carton.

The research on polyhedron in the three-dimensional structure is to find the variation law between the face and the face of the polyhedron, and to explore the relationship between the change of the face of the shape and the strength of the material. For example, the joint of the surface is usually in the shape of a box cover, a box body and a box bottom structure in a three-way manner in a carton shape.


Take the bottom of the box as an example: the bottom part of the box is the most influential part of the weight, anti-stress, vibration, drop and other factors. It is more suitable for face-to-face connection, and the bottom of the box is firmly fixed by means of mutual bolting and locking. Sealing, molding. This structure can pack a variety of types of products, mostly in small and medium-sized bottled products.

In addition, the six basic geometric shapes in the polyhedron and their variants are similar in practice to the complex and varied external forms of the commodity. The carton packaging structure should fully utilize the molding characteristics of the polyhedron in terms of the functions and characteristics of the product, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of the product and the beauty of the packaging.

At present, there are many food packagings on the market, and the outer packaging box is formed according to the definition of Plato or Archimedes in the polyhedron, and each surface composed of repeated shapes is composed of different shapes, and the combined surface is combined. The more you get closer to the sphere. For example, a Japanese “chocolate” package, the appearance of which corresponds to the definition of the Plato sphere, is folded and interspersed into eight squares, and is surrounded by a plain and simple silk rope. Cleverly connected with 8 faces, it plays a solid function, with a rigorous shape and a unique Japanese national style.