What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Customized Paper Bags?

- Apr 20, 2019-

1. Quantity, this is almost any paper bag manufacturer inquiry, they will ask, because a single one, no matter how many paper bags are ordered, you need to make a printing version, the more the number is distributed to each paper bag The lower the price of printing, the cheaper a single paper bag will be.

2. The material of the paper bag itself, commonly known as white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, special paper. Generally, the price of white cardboard and coated paper is equivalent, and there is no big difference in materials. Kraft paper, domestically produced is relatively cheap, imported yellow kraft paper is also relatively cheap, even lower than the price of white cardboard, but a ton of white kraft paper is several thousand more expensive than a white cardboard, the price of white kraft paper bag Naturally it will not fall. Specialty paper is one of the most expensive materials and is rarely used.

3. Printing, although this has been mentioned above, it refers to a single paper bag to determine the price from its color. In the paper bag printing industry, the price of color reconciliation, the price of four-color printing (that is, a lot of color printing) is the cheapest, followed by spot color printing, the most expensive is three spot colors or two spot colors. Of course, if the paper bag is printed on both sides, the price is doubled, and the final price is determined based on the paper bag area.

4. Process, custom-made paper bags are commonly used in the bronzing process, dusting process, UV process. Of course, their price is also determined according to the area. If the area is the same, dusting is the cheapest one. The hot stamping is moderate (hot stamping is more expensive), and UV is the most expensive one. Of course, different processes will definitely have different effects, generally on the brand logo.